The City of Nawabs invites you to APSICON 2018

Welcome to Lucknow!

My city has its own gentle pace, a very distinct character and a very proud history. It is the subtle ‘nazakat’ and ‘nafasat’ in our inter-personal relationship that makes us so special. The ‘pehle aap’ culture, though on the decline, still keeps us a world apart and even the worst adversaries would never refer to each other by anything else but ‘huzoor aap!’

The citadel of Awadhi culture, the city boasts of its unique architecture, music, dance, handicraft, cuisine, sports and pastimes. During your stay with us I would encourage you to enjoy each of these. To start with, take a walking tour of our Medical University campus – easier said than done, two National Highways and one river, Gomti, flows through this campus! This will be an exhilarating experience because you will be enjoying the most beautiful medical college campus in the entire world! Unfortunately we are in the campus on only November 19 and 20, 2018!

Then come out and see the Imambaras, the Residency, the picture gallery, the Council House, the innumerable parks and fountains and finish your tour in the ultimate shopping havens of Hazratgunj and Aminabad! From November 21 to 25, 2018 we are hosting you in a newer part of our city, which most of you may not have experienced. The conference venue, the Sahara Shaher, the dazzling riverfront and the newly laid Gomtinagar all awaits your arrival!

We hope to treat you to the inimitable Lucknow cuisine during your stay with us, and do not forget to devour our Biriyani, our varieties of Kebab, our preparations of fish, mutton and chicken, our shirmal, our makkhan malai and our thandai! We also hope to leave you with enough time to enjoy our Chikankari with your family, and it is a sin to leave this city without a few beautiful Chikan kurtas! We have arranged for a cultural feast with music and dance of Lucknow Gharanaand I hope you will remember these evenings which you spend with us for a very long time.

And yes, there is a Plastic Surgery conference too! How can we forget that? A pre conference workshop on Clefts, the Operative Workshop which has something for every taste, the Charles Pinto C.M.E and the Conference proper awaits you. Packed with information, packaged in knowledge capsule, and aimed at acquiring and imparting wisdom, we hope both the teachers and the students will benefit maximally. Our effort this time is to send ‘New Faces on the Podium’ and we promise to introduce you to the next generation of plastic surgeons!

If you are not yet booked for Lucknow, it is a mistake you can ill afford. If you are, and you have informed your travel plans, we will pick you up from the airport / railway station / taxi stand / bus terminal even at 2 AM, be rest assured. This is what a Lucknawi naturally does even though as Kushwant Singh says, things are not the same as they used to be:

Lehze me wo nafaasat, wo rang o bu kahan hai?
Wo dil fareb baatein, wo guftagu kahan hai?
Tha jispe naaz humko, wo Lakhnau kahan hai?

Wo khusbuon ke railey, dilkash haseen mele
Dil ki jawaan tarangein, wo khwaishein umangein
Jaise baras rahi ho, ras rang ki phuwaarein
Ab tak basi hain dil mein, Love Lane ki bahaarein.

Yeh Ganj yun to, ab bhi chaahat hai Lakhnau ki
Badli hui si, lekin rangat hai Lakhnau ki
Andaaz wo nahin hain, adaab wo nahin hain,
Aankhen wahi hain, lekin ab khwab wo nahin hain.

Ikhlaas ki wo basti, veeraan ho gayi hai
Is bheed me sheher ki, pehchaan kho gayi hai
Tehzeeb mukhtalif hai, maahaul bhi juda hai
Ab kaise keh dein hum par Lakhnau fida hai


We are waiting to receive you and wish you with ‘Muskuraiye – ki aap Lucknowmen hain!’  Smile, now that you are in Lucknow.


Dear APSI Members & Colleagues,

We take great pride in inviting you to the 53rd Annual National Conference of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSICON 2018) to be held from November 21 to 25, 2018 at the Golden Blossom Imperial Resorts in Lucknow. This memorable event will be jointly hosted by Lucknow Plastic Surgery Club and Society of Plastic Surgeons, UP.

Plastic Surgery is the ultimate expression of science and art that investigates the methods and techniques with an artistic eye, and has plastic surgeons always striving to achieve cutting-edge methods and ever-improving results through constant scientific innovations and advancements. APSICON is a platform where new ideas, researches and innovations are readily shared, hence the organizing committee is excited to organize this conference with the theme "Innovate to Excel, Research to Lead, Propagate to Prosper". It will be our aim to make this event an intellectual treat for all and promote all aspects of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery – reparative, reconstructive, rejuvinative and regenerative.

Apart from the scientific sessions, we are arranging many social programmes and entertaining events for participation of members as well as their families and our effort will be to make each day and night a memorable one for all. Don't miss them, every night will be full of enjoyment and entertainments, fun and frolic. We will ensure that you have plenty of joyful memories to rejuvenate you and keep you refresh for the up coming year.

Fondly known as the "City of Nawabs" Lucknow represents the pinnacle of traditional richness and cultural extravaganza! It is a unique amalgam of the ancient and the ultra-modern.The historic city has kept its old-world-charm absolutely intact and yet boasts of modern modes of transportation, parklands and a vibrant river front!! A delight of the food lovers, Lucknow offers amazing range of culinary options for all types of palates.

The city is popular for its courtly manners (Tehzeeb), heritage buildings, beautiful gardens, chikan-kari embroidery, Urdu poetry, music and exquisite cuisine. You discover and rediscover the royal colours of Lucknow everyday.