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Fondly known as “The City of Nawabs" Lucknow represents the pinnacle of traditional richness and cultural extravaganza! It is a unique amalgam of the ancient and the ultra-modern. The historic city has kept its old-world-charm absolutely intact and yet boasts of modern modes of transportation, parklands and a vibrant river front!! A delight of the food lovers, Lucknow offers amazing range of culinary options for all types of palates.

The city is popular for its courtly manners (Tehzeeb), heritage buildings, beautiful gardens, chikan-kari embroidery, Urdu poetry, music and exquisite cuisine. You discover and rediscover the royal colours of Lucknow everyday. That is why:

" जिसे आप कहते है लखनऊ - उसे हम कहते है दूजा जहाँ "
(The place that you call Lucknow – we call the other world)
We will make sure that you have an excellent academic and social feast during your stay with us in the city of Nawabs!!
" आपके इंतजार मे हम नज़रे बिछाए बैठें हैं "
We are eagerly awaiting your arrival!!


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